What’s Digital Art? And what’s the FUTURE of it?

I think that Digital Art is exactly what it sounds like. DIGITAL art. It’s made with technology: computers, editing programs, film/DSLR cameras. Art is the outpouring of a special place. It’s where the brain meets the soul. We continue to further our technology, personally my favorite art form, to make more… art. And by making technology, and making art from THAT ART, it’s a beautiful cycle. Art never stops.

And I think the future of it all is unforeseeable. I don’t think we’ll know what art’ll look like until the artists get to work. I have three of my favorites below. Use them as reference for what I want to see in the not too distant future.

Cause what I really want is to make beauty, not just within the medium. My deepest desire is that the beauty within the art would manifest itself on our planet. I want the world to be transformed and it starts with us: the artists. We’re the ones to inspire the movement. So let’s get going.

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