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Here’s how it went down:

-I spent welllllll over two hours (honestly, more like two days) coming up with this idea. I flip-flopped between different angles of this project. Originally, I was going for a “Humans of New York” type of idea. Like so:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.48.51 AM     Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.50.18 AM

I wanted to apply this to Fredericksburg. But after careful thought, I decided I wanted to do something a little more original. At the heart of it, I wanted to document FredVegas through a raw and journalistic lens. I wanted to create sincere moments; I wanted to have people really GO to Fred with me and feel like they were in that very scene. So with that intention, I grappled with a few different approaches. I ended up deciding to make gifs to capture what Fredericksburg is to me. I was a happy camper with a set-in-stone idea! This was my face:


-So yes, after coming up with this idea, I ventured out into the cold and shot all my footage. I made over fifteen gifs, but I chose the ones I liked the best. In total, I spent about five hours downtown. That includes all of the shooting time, the walking time back and forth between there and campus, etc.

-Once that was accomplished, I started to do the best part: EDITING! I loved this portion of the project because as I saw each one come together, it was like I was reliving these moments all over again. It took about five hours to create and edit them all (I had taken just under a thousand photos). These were my cohorts in the pizza eating, picture taking process! And we made a cat friend! I named him Fred, in honor of our beloved Fredericksburg. (Plus, he just looks like a Fred.)

meandchristineIMG_6341   IMG_6381











-And after they were finished, it came time to load them onto the blog. Because of WordPress having some issues, along with Apogee’s usual difficulties, it took about an hour to load them all and position them in the places that I wanted them.


We have the Gifs of Fred.

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